Race Directors

Race Directors

At LightSpeed Race Management, we are more than just a timing and race management company.  We see ourselves as a vital resource to race directors and committee members.  We want to share our knowledge and assist anyone who wants to develop a quality event for the running community.  To that end, we have developed this resource page, which will provide a library of articles, check-lists, and videos.

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The Race Director Reference Manual is a tool that LightSpeed Race Management created to offer a point of reference for race directors at every experience level. 

The information we provide guide race directors from the initial conception all the way through race day and the weeks following.  The RD Reference Manual can even benefit the most seasoned of race directors as it may give new ideas and insights, offer peace of mind through event check-lists, and help to make sure that everything has been seen to.

LightSpeed's: Race Director Reference Manual
LightSpeed's Guide to: Course Design, Measurement, & Approval LightSpeed's Guide to: Fundraising & Sponsorships LightSpeed's Guide to: Volunteer Acquisition & Management
Check-Lists Suggested Vendors
*LightSpeed Race Management does not guarantee the services of the companies listed within the suggested vendors section.  In the past, we have had positive experiences with these companies and/or individuals and thus suggest them based on those interactions.  We highly encourage feedback on this list so that we may maintain it and assure high quality experiences for all.
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