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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does chip timing work?
A:  LightSpeed generally uses a low profile, disposable RFID timing chips located on the back of your race bib.  This means that when you cross over/through the start line, a "start time" is assigned to your bib.   When you cross a either a split point or the finish line, you will be given an associated lapsed time.  (More Info)
Q: How long does it take to pick up my bib?
A:  How long does it take  you to type your name, the number we hand you, and then click assign?  On average between 30 & 60 seconds.  Now that's timing at LightSpeed!
Q: What if I want to change my race distance?
A:  It's a simple matter for a LightSpeed staff member to manually correct any of your information!  Simply speak with a LightSpeed timer (typically situated by the finish line).
Q: Do I have to return my chip?
A:  No!  We understand that you've just run a race and your tired.  We won't ask you to get down and untie a chip or pay a fee if you forget to return it.  Our RFID chips are completely disposable, which makes them easy to assign, wear, and forget.  
Q: How long do results take?
A:   We actually try to post the results link before the race even kicks off!  Wait what?!  You heard us right, by posting the link prior to the start, runners can check results at www.lightspeed-racing.com on their mobile device only minutes after crossing the finish line.
CAUTION:  These results are not to be considered official until the awards ceremony.  This gives us time to address any (typically human) errors.  It's not unusual for us to discover that John Doe is running as Jane Doe or that John Smith is 45 and not 35.  It only takes us seconds to fix these problems, but we need to know about them first.  That's why we run multiple backup processes.  Photos, video, manual bib recording, and even a touch of honesty on behalf of our participants.  If a time or place seems off, let us know, we'll look into it!
Q: Where should I wear my bib/chip?
A:  GREAT QUESTION!  The best place to wear your bib/chip is dead center on your chest and over your outermost garment.  Why?  So that we can see the bib number as you're crossing the finish line.  This allows us to identify the runner should we not receive a chip read.  Layers of clothing, GPS watches held close to chip, and even large groups of people may interfere with the chip signal.  If the unlikely happens, we want to make sure we can identify the runner and when they crossed the finish line via one of the many backups we implement at the finish line.
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